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Welcome to the May edition of the Yarsa Labs DevBlog Digest. We have kept up with changes in the world of technology, ensuring you are always informed through our insightful content. We hope you find this month’s edition helpful as well – we have included some valuable articles on development, trends and practical advice related to different areas in the field of IT like Engineering, Testing, SEO, and Cybersecurity among other things.

Curated Articles:

  1. Implementing Prisma Migrations and DrizzleORM Query in Action: Discover how Prisma Migrations and DrizzleORM simplify database tasks in NestJS, boosting productivity and enhancing code maintainability.
  2. Zenstack: A Zen Way to Securing Your APIs: Simplify API authorization with ZenStack's Prisma wrapper, enhancing security and easing maintenance in growing applications.
  3. Functors And Monads in TypeScript: Learn about Functors and Monads and their implementation in Typescript to dive deeper into functional Programming.
  4. Tesler’s Law: The Beauty of Simplicity and Humanity in UX: Discover the power of Tesler's Law in UX design! Learn how simplicity and user-centricity improve digital experiences worldwide.
  5. Mastering Effective Communication in an Organization: Discover the vital role of effective communication in project success, tackling challenges, fostering collaboration, and driving organizational outcomes.
  6. A Definitive Guide to Understanding User Intent: Analyzing user intent helps uncover valuable keywords to weave into your content, making it easier for search engines to understand and for users to find what they need.
  7. TypeScript Types Generation from PostgreSQL: Discover how Kanel simplifies TypeScript type generation from PostgreSQL databases, empowering developers to effortlessly align backend and frontend applications.
  8. Beginner Setup of Figma for Mobile UI: Learn Figma setup requirements that must be met before you can begin designing a mobile app's user interface.
  9. Importance of Regression Testing in Software Development: Discover the vital role of regression testing in software development. Learn the step-by-step process to define, choose, execute, analyze, troubleshoot, and re-test for optimal stability.
  10. Streamlining Authorization Testing with BurpSuite: Learn how BurpSuite and its powerful extensions like Autorize and AuthMatrix simplify and automate authorization testing, ensuring robust security for web applications.
  11. Handling Projects Phaseouts And Transfers: Learn the critical steps for effective project closeout, including meeting contractual requirements, transitioning to operational phases, evaluating performance, and handling personnel issues for successful project completion.
  12. API Gateways Explained: Learn about API Gateways and figure out the right Gateway for your needs.
  13. Von Restorff Effect: Splash of Uniqueness to UX: Discover the Von Restorff Effect in UX design: how distinctive elements enhance user engagement, improve recall, and differentiate your digital interfaces.
  14. Getting Started with Digital Art: Advantages and Healthy Habits: Creating digital art is a rewarding endeavour, but it can also be physically and mentally demanding. Here are some advantages to make the full use of digital art and some healthy habits to maintain a balanced and sustainable creative practice.
  15. Monitoring Internet Stability With Netprobe: learn to set up Netprobe, which is an application designed to measure and visualize network quality parameters.
  16. Postel's Law: Making Digital World a Friendlier Place: Discover how Postel's Law guides UX design towards creating intuitive, inclusive, and user-friendly digital experiences by prioritizing empathy and adaptability.

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