Everything we build must be tested first to launch it on the market. TestProject is an end-to-end automation tool that provides capabilities to automate Web, API, and Mobile applications.


TestProject consists of two components: i.e. the test recorder and the test project SDK. The purpose of the test recorder is to directly record the tests from the UI, whereas the SDK allows the programmatic development of test cases.

TestProject also allows users to share addons created by like-minded automation experts across the globe. It helps QA engineers who use Selenium and Appium with pain points like adding and installing complex dependencies to reduce the installation effort.

TestProject operates on a cloud platform. The TestProject Cloud Platform helps users manage projects, test cases, and add-ons. It has different components to create robust automation tests. Those components are:

  • Project
  • Test cases
  • Addons
  • TestProject Agent
  • Monitor
  • Help and Support

TestProject Components

As I mentioned before, TestProject has two components which help develop the test scenario.

Development Project Components

Smart Test Recorder

The smart test recorder automatically records and creates automated test steps by walking through the application UI. It has a browser-based test recorder that offers many unique built-in capabilities to accelerate automated test development. Moreover, it is also useful for newbies who don’t have any prior automation experience.

Test Project SDK

The TestProject SDK is a single, integrated, and unique syntax for developing automated tests. It is built on the top tier of popular automation framework libraries like Selenium and Appium to ease the automation of mobile and web applications. This SDK currently supports C#, Java and Python, with JavaScript support coming soon. It makes the execution of automated native tests easier with the help of a single platform by removing all the complexity, configuration and maintenance.

TestProject Tools

TestProject supports several powerful tools and technologies to make it easier for QA engineers. Some of the most popular platforms are mentioned below:

  • Mobile Environment Support: TestProject can use the Appium framework to test Android and iOS. IOS applications can also be tested using a Windows machine using TestProject.
  • Web Environment Support: TestProject can use the Selenium APIs to test web-based applications. It supports various browsers like Google Chromium, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and many more.

TestProject Features

TestProject offers some notable unique features that differentiate it from other automation tools. Some of the unique features of TestProjects are mentioned below:

  1. Free Automation Development Framework: The most important feature of TestProject is its completely free of cost. Users don’t have to pay any licensing fee to get the full potential of the TestProject.
  2. Collaborative Testing Repository: TestProject has the feature of adding unlimited team members to a project. Collaboration is easier when you can collaborate on any project by inviting the team members.
  3. Addons: Addons are reusable versions of coded steps or actions used in multiple tests.
  4. Easy to Deploy and Execute: TestProject has a very simple installation process that makes using it easier.
  5. Easy Integration with DevOps Tools: TestProject offers easy integration with popular CI/CD tools like Slacks. Someone new to DevOps can also easily integrate automated tests with these tools.
  6. Multiple Platform Compatibility: TestProject is compatible with multiple platforms like Windows, Mac, Android and IOS. It is also compatible with all the major browsers.
  7. Ease of Use: TestProject is one of the most user-friendly automation tools with easy tooltips, quick tutorials and intelligent feature placement.
  8. Elaborate Test Analytics: TestProject has great analytics tools that provide greater insight to test results.

Why Use TestProject?

There are various automation tools available in today’s market. So, why should we use TestProject?

It is important to choose the right automation tools for any project. Here are the most important features of TestProject.

  1. Smart Test Recorder: Test Recorder can easily record and playback all your test scenarios.
  2. Cross-Platform Functionality: Mobile and web tests can be performed on various platforms. It is easy to install on all the platforms.
  3. Reusability: Addons are available on TestProjects which are reusable versions of coded steps or actions used in multiple tests.
  4. Reliability: TestProject uses reliable and proven technology like Selenium and Appium for QA Engineers who work on these technologies.