I recently started using Procreate as my go-to app for digital illustrations, paintings, and note-taking. The shortcuts the developer has included in the app are very intuitive and provide a very well-thought-out user experience. Moreover, it has made my illustration experience very enjoyable.

I have listed some shortcuts, tricks and tips for using Procreate that I have learned so far. I am sure they will come in handy for many beginners.

Undo and Redo

On Procreate, you can quickly double-finger tap to Undo and triple-finger tap to Redo your actions.

It is always convenient to undo the mistakes you've committed at a touch. Yes, Procreate is forgiving like that...

Undo and Redo

Quick Copy and Paste

Swiping down with three fingers on the screen gives you the option of what you want to do with the selected object in the layer: Cut/Copy/Copy all (in a layer), Duplicate (on a new layer), Cut & Paste(on a new layer), or Paste (copied item).

Copying and Pasting

Swipe down with three fingers again to return the option to paste the object you have copied or cut. In the case of Cut & Paste, the object is directly pasted in front of the original but on a separate layer.

Creating Perfect Lines and Shapes

Draw any kind of line and hold the position for a while (without lifting your Apple pencil) until Procreate corrects the trajectory of the line. Imperfect lines are easily turned into straight lines. If the line is curved, it will also turn it into a smooth arc. Wavy lines are turned into jagged/zigzag lines.

Pressing another finger while the line is still active lets you snap the line at a certain angle like a physical ruler. You can drag the point where the pencil tip is touching till you are happy with the line.

Use Another Finger to Make the Line Snap at 15 degrees (As You Move the Point)

Procreate also corrects shapes; the app detects the closest shape you want to draw and corrects it. You can also modify the shape by tapping the option on the top of the screen. In the case of a rounded shape, it provides you with the option of an ellipse or a perfect circle.

Auto Shaping

Eye Dropper Tool

Long press with one finger to pick a colour from a specific area. You can also adjust the timing of the finger press from the app settings.

Selecting Colors

Quick Coloring (Color Fill)

Tap, hold, and drag-drop from the colour palette and fill an area like a bucket tool.

The threshold of the filling colour can be adjusted by sliding right or left without lifting the pen from the surface after the colour is filled.

Creating Color Palettes from Camera or Photos

There are many modes of making your own colour palettes or libraries in Procreate.

A mode that comes in handy is creating a colour library from the device's camera. It can be useful when you are doing an observation drawing/painting, as specific colours are required.

Make sure that you have given Procreate access to the camera and files if you want to use this feature.
Creating a Color Palette From the Camera

Merging Layers

Pinch the range of layers you want to combine and close your fingers to merge them.

Quick Merge

Changing Layer Opacity and Blending options

Open layers and tap on the N letter. Options for modifying the layer appear.

Layer Modifiers
Un-checking the tick mark in the box hides the layer. Long pressing the check box hides the other layers and shows only the selected layer.

Adjusting Canvas Size

Tap Settings > Canvas > Crop & Resize. This option allows you to change the canvas size by either dragging or putting in a numerical value (from Settings).

That's as much as I have learned so far! I hope some of these tips will be useful for any new Procreate user.

Keep drawing, I'll be back with more tips soon!