When I planned to integrate the in-app purchase feature into my application, I researched it. While researching, some practical questions arose in my head, which helped me find more things. So, I noted some specific and generalized questions to help you before integrating the in-app purchase feature from the real Flutter application.  

What is In-app Purchase?

An in-app purchase (IAP) is buying a specific feature or tool from the app providers within the application. An application provider can sell advanced features and customized tools for the end user within the app.

The users are not buying products from the app providers in exchange for cash or another medium. After installing the app from the platform, they buy from Google Play Store and App Store.

The available products are listed within the app, which the user can visit anytime. They can decide on buying products if they are worth it. Users must purchase the special feature or tool first if they want to use it.

When to Integrate IAP in Our App?

Integration of an in-app purchase feature is needed in our app when we offer extra features, content, and advanced tools including digital products, subscription packages, and other premium features. They are shown directly with the help of the in-app feature and provide our sellable products through Google Play and App Store.

Is the Integration of IAP Feature Different in Android Native and Flutter?

All platforms have rules and programming patterns followed by the developer and programmer. However, the in-app purchase is handled by Google Play for Android and App Store for iOS.

We provide our digital products to them, and they handle it. This is done so that the platform and programming language does not affect the IAP. However, integration on the app and coding syntax/configuration settings are different for each platform, like android native, react native, swift, etc., but if you want to integrate on Flutter, you have to follow Flutter's official documentation.

Does IAP work in both Android and iOS apps?

Yes, Flutter allows integration of the IAP feature in Android and iOS, working with the same codebase. Some configurations need to be separated into files, as mentioned in the in_app_purchase package provided by Flutter dev.

What is the in_app_purchase Package?

The in_app_purchase package is an open-source package project provided by Flutter.dev. We can integrate the IAP feature in Flutter with the help of the in_app_purchase package.

The in_app_purchase package is a storefront-independent API for purchasing digital products through the Flutter application, which supports the IAP from the underlying store. In this package, the Flutter team has provided full documentation and a demo app with a test app ID and a complete configuration process on both sides (Android and iOS).

Is It Safe to Use the IAP Package?

The in_app_purchase package is made by the official Flutter.dev. It is maintainable and upgraded by the official team. It follows the global guidelines and maintains all 3-Clause BSD License.

Are There Other Alternatives for Implementing IAP?

Yes, every problem has multiple solutions; it matters what you want and how you handle it. We generally have three alternatives for implementing the IAP feature in the Flutter app. They are:

1. in_app_purchase

  • Flutter officials release plugin
  • Display available products for sale
  • Transfer the user to purchase
  • Loads products that the user owns

2. flutter_inapp_purchase

  • Stores and displays listed items
  • Transfer to the user to purchase
  • Third-party release plugin
  • Solutions not offered to implement logic and verification

3. purchase_flutter

  • Complex configuration process compared to other alternatives
  • Full-scale third-party solution
  • Not a free plugin
  • Based on RevenueCat functionalities

How to Configure IAP for Both Platforms?

Please follow the proper documentation and guidelines for configuration and other setup processes. API reference provided by the package or plugin owner can also be followed.

Search the package on the pub.dev site and choose the best package. Follow the ReadMe guide for the package feature, the installation guide for installing on the app, and visit the example section for the demo app.

What are the Confirmations Needed Before Implementing IAP with Help Packages?

Before integrating IAP with the package, ensure which package suits you best. Also, ensure that you have the unique application ID for both platforms with the help of App Store billing and Google Play Store billing.

How to Get Started?

  • Collect application ID from App Store and Google Play Store site.
  • Search for the best package that suits the nature of your application.
  • Add package on YAML file.
  • Configure setup on android and iOS platforms with the help of the ReadMe section.
  • Import the package link.
  • Start the code of integration with the help of a local database for store products.

Generally, there are three main types of in-app purchases; consumables, non-consumables and subscriptions. These types of in-app purchases are equally applied to both android and iOS.

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