Content attracts customers. Depending on your business goal, your posts should deliver the message to your audience. The idea is to make a content plan for your business, relying on what your business offers and what you want your audience to perceive when they see your posts. For instance, post about a new product launch if you intend to launch a new product.

A properly planned social media post increases page engagement and boosts traffic to the page. Gather all the content if you already have them ready. If not, you can take some content ideas from this blog. Plan out the content in advance, and always have a content strategy for the following month. If you still need to sort out the content plan, you should start it now. I have listed some content ideas for social platforms that you can consider for your business promotion. Note that these content ideas are not specific to a social media network.

1. Blog/articles/guides

Blogs, articles and guides provide useful information to the audience. A catchy title and an engaging blog title are crucial while writing a blog. Make sure that your content covers the title.

2. Short Promotional Videos  

Videos are popular on social media. Short videos on Insta, Facebook and TikTok help in page promotion and improves interaction. Rather than written content, videos are a more effective approach to marketing your product or service. Videos may include short video clips of your product, advertisement, or any other promotional video featuring your product/service.

3. Updates and New Releases

Making a new change or launching a new product? Share it with your audience and promote your new launch. Aware people of the new product or release. You can showcase your new product features and benefits, inspire people beforehand, and make them desire your product. These contents inspire your audience to follow up with the product, and you can get useful feedback from your customers/audience.

4. Job Vacancies

Posting vacancies on social media is effective, time-saving and saves money. Vacancy announcements are more likely to be shared by the audience, helping in page boosting and engagement. You can connect with the applicants directly. Posting job vacancies on social media makes your task easy and, at the same time, increases your post engagement.

5. Career Stories

Career stories will likely be followed by people interested in the same field. Posting career stories will promote your business; if it is motivational and well-written, your post will reach a wider audience. You can earn new followers and, hopefully, new customers.

6. Host Challenges with Exciting Rewards and Giveaways

Who is not fond of free rewards and giveaways? Hosting challenges is a great way to involve your audience and promote the page. Think of an interesting challenge relevant to your business. Next, make people follow your page if they haven't already. Hosting challenges is a great way to get new traffic.

7. Event Posting

Posting festival events, get-together photos and last Friday's events on social media will promote the company and its page. It will also be helpful to engage audiences for in-house or other events. Hosting events will help build a community of people with similar interests that can benefit your business.

8. Infographics

Besides videos, sharing infographics on social media is another effective way to gain an audience. Infographics can include tech-related guides or hacks, how-to posts etc. Infographics are informative and eye-catching. It is the best way to increase shares and engage audiences. With high-quality info, you can encourage people to follow your page.

9. Quiz, Q/A Sessions and Puzzles

Quiz and puzzles are another best way to increase people's engagement. Asking them to solve puzzles and quizzes and posting the answer afterwards will provide a platform for audiences to learn new things. Keep your audience engaged with daily quizzes and puzzles.

10. Collect and Share User Experience

Asking the users to share their recommendations and experiences will help furnish the product/service to the user's requirements. Using social media to get feedback makes getting in touch with the reviewers easier.

11. Share User-Generated Content

User-generated content includes a customer's review/content relevant to your product or service. A user review is far better than how you define your product or services. Sharing user-generated content is a great way to earn trust.

12. Create Your Brand's Story

Sort out the purpose of your business and what it does to help people. Create and share your brand story, and people will know of your business. Share the motive of your business and make people aware of your brand through a story.

13. Educational and Funny Content

Educational content is one of the well-liked content types on the internet. Similarly, Funny contents are more likely to be shared. You can use educational, funny, meme-type content when driving the audience to your page.

You can strategize your content by observing your competitors' posts and how well they perform. The content that is actually performing well on social media can serve as an inspiration.


Social media marketing is not limited to marketing and brand equity. With social media support, you can achieve faster and more interactive communication with customers and target audiences. Content is the key to increasing page engagement. The more you engage your audience, the more customers you are likely to get. Balance your content with a mixture of informative and entertaining items. If you still need to sort out the content plan, you should start it now.

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